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Mobile Film Index

Production Company Year Location
Jesus Revolution Lionsgate-Kingdom Films 2022 Mobile-Daphne-Fairhope
Bruiser Garter Motors 2022 Mobile-Daphne-Fairhope-Spanish Fort
Mike Disney / Hulu 2021 Mobile
About My Father Lionsgate 2021 Mobile, Loxley
The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Film Nation 2020 Mobile, Fairhope
Lansky Voltage Pictures 2020 Mobile, Fairhope, Gulf Shores
Voices Blue Muse Entertainment, LLC 2019 Mobile
I Still Believe I Still Believe, LLC 2019 Mobile
SuperCool SuperCool Film, LLC 2019 Mobile
Our Friend The Friend Movie, LLC 2019 Mobile
Peel RJD Filmworks, LLC 2018 Mobile
This is the Year The Last Song PS, LLC 2018 Mobile
Arkansas Arkansas Movie, LLC 2018 Mobile
Karma Kartoo Productions, Inc 2018 Mobile
Black Water Black Water Movie, LLC 2017 Mobile
Between Worlds Rise Up, LLC 2017 Mobile, Fairhope
Mary Mary Productions South 2017 Mobile, Fairhope, Orange Beach
Get Out Sid & Roth South, LLC 2016 Mobile, Fairhope
Extraction Fernden Extraction Productions, LLC 2015 Mobile
Almost Friends Back to Baltimore Movie, Inc. 2015 Mobile
Hush Silence Production South, LLC 2015 Mobile
Here Comes Rusty Pink Bandana AL, LLC 2015 Mobile
Perfect Weapon Perfect Weapon, LLC 2015 Mobile
Runaway Island Island In the Sun, LLC 2015 Mobile, Fairhope
USS Indianapolis USS Indianapolis Production, Inc 2015 Mobile, Orange Beach
Heist Georgia Film Fund Twenty Four Productions, LLC 2014 Mobile
Vice Georgia Film Fund Twenty Four Productions 2014 Mobile
Sasq-Watch! No-Sasquatch, LLC 2014 Mobile, Wilmer, Delta
The Prince Georgia Film Fund Twenty Four Productions, LLC 2013 Mobile
Rage Tokarev Productions, Inc. 2013 Mobile
Before I Wake QNO Productions South, LLC 2013 Mobile
The Phoenix Rises Phoenix Rises, LLC 2012 Mobile
Yellow Day Providence Film Partners, LLC 2012 Mobile
Oculus Lasser Productions, LLC 2012 Mobile, Fairhope
SkyHook SkyHook LLC 2011 Mobile
Counter-Clockwise Counter Clockwise Productions 2011 Mobile
USS Seaviper Villani Rockhill Productions/Mighty Moments Motion Pictures 2010 Mobile
Saints of Mt. Christopher Bases Loaded Entertainment 2010 Mobile
October Baby Gravitas, LLC 2010 Mobile, Dauphin Island, Birmingham
The One Warrior Fred/Gulf Coast Films 2010 Mobile, Dauphin Island, Natural Bridge
Final Destination 4 New Line Cinema 2008 Mobile
The Novice The Novice LLC 2004 Mobile
Dead Birds Dead Birds Films Inc./Silver Nitrate 2003 Mobile, Montgomery
Tough Luck Curb Entertainment 2002 Mobile
Love Liza Love Liza Productions 2001 Mobile
Hometown Legend Jenkins Entertainment 2000 Mobile
The Insider Touchstone Pictures 1998 Mobile
Hostile Intent DTP Productions 1997 Mobile
Hostage Four Corners Entertainment 1997 Mobile
The P.A.C.K. DTP Productions 1996 Mobile
Executive Decision Warner Bros. 1995 Mobile
Power Play Southern Star Studios 1994 Mobile
Double Vision Action Int. Films 1992 Mobile
Night Trap Action Int. Films 1992 Mobile
Under Siege Warner Bros. 1992 Mobile
Center of the Web Action Int. Films 1991 Mobile
Mission of the Shark Fries Ent. (CBS) 1991 Mobile
Stone Cold Stone Group Pictures 1990 Mobile
Raw Nerve Action Int. Films 1990 Mobile
The Final Sanction Action Int. Films 1989 Mobile
Invasion Force Action Int. Films 1989 Mobile
Rapid Fire Action Int. Films 1989 Mobile
Firehead Action Int. Films 1989 Mobile
Friday 13th Part VII Paramount 1988 Mobile
War and Remembrance ABC Circle Films 1987 Mobile
End of August Management West 1980 Mobile
Back Roads CBS 1980 Mobile
Death Ship Avco Embassy 1979 Mobile
Close Encounters of The Third Kind Columbia Television 1977 Mobile