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69th Annual Southeastern Theatre Conference Returns March 7 - 11 with over 4,000 attendees!
Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

Thank you Visit Mobile for the update on Southeastern Theatre Conference coming to Mobile—March 7-10.

Those of you who were here back in 2014 remember the Southeastern Theatre Conference coming to town, with 4000 attendees, beginning Ash Wednesday. Yes, the immediate day after Fat Tuesday. Mobile - all of you - did an incredible job getting the city back in working shape so that these folks experienced the best we offer.

Because of their great experience, they're bringing back the conference with even more folks - from aspiring actors, directors, set designers, production pros, hair and makeup stylists, lighting and sound technicians, teachers, playwrights, casting directors and more pursuing a career path in the entertainment industry. About half are young folks auditioning and wanting to break into the business, the other half are the ones that can or are making it happen.

There will be over 300+ workshops, an Education Expo with 90+ schools represented, 40+ Commercial Exhibitors, a Theatre Job Fair geared towards off-stage work, performances open to the public and much, much more. Mobile in 2018 is where it all comes together to create an exciting, dynamic event that truly has a life of its own. I'd venture to say we'll have some future Oscar, Tony, Grammy and Emmy award winners in our midst.
Main meeting venues will be the Convention Center, the Civic Center and the Sanenger, but auditions and smaller events will be taking place in area hotels and other gathering spaces.

Visit for a full schedule of events, speakers and activities.

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